Shell script skeleton

, par MiKaël Navarro

Ci-joint mes templates de scripts shell (avec capture des signaux) :

shell script skeleton
et skeleton.zsh

Emacs’ auto insert mode

;; Provide templates for new files
(auto-insert-mode t)
(setq auto-insert-directory "~/.emacs.d/insert/")  ;; or use custom, *NOTE* trailing slash important
;(setq auto-insert-query nil)  ;; if you don't want to be prompted before insertion
(define-auto-insert "\.sh" "~/dev/shell/")
(define-auto-insert "\.ksh" "~/dev/shell/skeleton.ksh")
(define-auto-insert "\.bash" "~/dev/shell/skeleton.bash")
(define-auto-insert "\.zsh" "~/dev/shell/skeleton.zsh")